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Updated: Jan 10, 2018 08:42 AM EST

Unlike most of them, who read books for knowledge, or as a hobby, or as a favorite past-time, or anything, here's me who reads books in order to make some cash. Following are few of my favorite books, reading which, has helped me to make some cash and fill my pockets.Yes, I am not lying.

Casino gambling for dummies- A beautiful book by Kevin Blackwood. It describes in simple, understandable terms, the in and out of the casino world. Gives you some mastermind tricks on maximizing winnings in popular casino games like slots, roulette and lot more. With this knowledge, I was able to make some cash while playing casino games.

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The Laptop Millionaire- Written by Mark Anastasi, reveals some crazy, unthinkable strategies to make millions and describes various successful stories about other millionaire internet entrepreneurs. One of the most unique and most motivational books that I have come across and it set my brains ticking, for sure.

The basics of winning bingo- This book by Avery Cardoza, proves to be one of the best bingo teachers. It explains the various types of bingo games and gives an idea of how to win and make money at this famous game. I made an impressive amount of cash while playing bingo at this site called GameVillage. All thanks to the book for building my foundations strong at bingo.

Think and Grow Rich- One of the best sellers since 1937, written by legendary writer Napolean Hill, this book definitely inspires you and helps you follow your road map to your goals and achievements.This title still continues to be the key phrase for most motivational speakers. It has indeed motivated me to think in different dimensions.

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