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Updated: Sep 26, 2012 12:26 PM EDT

Lumia 920

A Nokia executive shows the new Lumia 920 phone with Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system at a launch event in New York

(Photo : Reuters)

The release of the Nokia Lumia 920 is just around the corner.

While reports say that Nokia will release their Windows 8 flagship phone in November, pre-orders are already starting in European countries.

According to, Reuters reported that preorders for the Lumia 920 will start on Oct. 29, just days before its expected November release. However, a report from Tapscape said that a German website Hanytick is currently accepting preorders for the Lumia 920.

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Tapscape reported that the German retailer, along with some of the Chinese sellers, are already taking preorders and promising a delivery date during the third week of October.

"German website reports that the Nokia Lumia 920 will go out on October 16th. Handytick promises to deliver pre-ordered smartphones the following day, October 17th. However, their price tag on the Nokia Lumia 920 is a little steep at €749, close to a thousand dollars once converted. This is significantly more than the $512 that Chinese retailers are asking for."

New reports recently said that the release dates for AT&T and Verizon is Oct. 21 and Nov. 2.

According to GforGames, the latest rumors are that the release date for Verizon is sometime in November.

"According to Phone Arena's sources, Nokia's flagship phone will hit the US market via Big Red sometime in November, the same timeslot in which the Samsung Ativ S is also expected to make an appearance in Verizon's stores," GforGames reported.

The release date for AT&T seems to be Oct. 21. Numerous tech sites, including BGR and GforGames, say that Oct. 21 is the release date of the Lumia 920. WPCentral and its sources also re-confirmed the Oct. 21 launch date. This news comes after reports say the Samsung's Galaxy Note 2 will also arrive on Oct. 21.

Other reports previously suggested that AT&T is apparently testing the Lumia 920 in its own labs in order to ensure that a Nov. 2, which is a Friday, launch is possible.

GForGames reported on Sept. 10 that word around the campfire is that Microsoft, Nokia and the US carrier are working diligently in order to make a Nov. 2nd launch possible for the Lumia 920. Microsoft is working hard on finalizing Windows Phone 8 and according to some sources, the upcoming mobile operating system is set for RTM (Release to Manufacturing) next week.

Reuters also said that Lumia 920 will be available in November.

Sources at European telecoms operators recently said that Nokia will start selling its new smartphones in November, according to Reuters.

No one knows for sure, but the release date for the highly anticipated phone is imminent.

In a recent Books & Review poll, 2,610 votes show that many would buy the Lumia 920 vs the Apple iPhone 5 and HTC Phone 8X device.

It's hard to compare specs of the iPhone 5 vs Lumia 920 since the flagship phone hasn't released yet.

However, the Examiner did a "multimedia showdown" between the iPhone 5, Galaxy S3, and the Lumia 920.

"The winner: It's hard to call, but it looks like the winner may be the Lumia 920," the Examiner concluded. They got this answer because of the Lumia 920's 8.7MP camera, which is said to be the most capable camera yet on a smartphone. Also, the PureView sensor has not only has optical image stabilization, but the latest generation BSI sensor. It also has a Carl Zeiss lens. The camera on the Lumia 920 is said to be an easy digital camera replacement, reported the Examiner.

The Lumia 920 also beat the iPhone 5 with software-based image stabilization because of Nokia's OIS and sensor-shift technology for image stabilization, according to Gottabemobile.

The Lumia 920 runs on Microsoft Windows Phone 8. It takes many of the physical design elements from previous generations of Lumia handsets, but improves on internal hardware and display technology. Some of the new tech specs include PureMotion HD+ 4.5 inch display (1280 x 768 resolution), Dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 processor, NFC chip, 2,000mAh battery, and Qi wireless charging. Nokia is touting the Lumia 920′s premier feature as its new camera lens, the Carl Zeiss lens. It has rounded edges and colorful covers with a PureView camera.

So, which phone would you buy: the Lumia 920 or iPhone 5? Sound off below!

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