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Updated: Nov 12, 2019 11:57 AM EST

4 Things to Consider Before You Apply to Medical School

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Becoming a doctor is not an easy task. You have so much to learn and so much to prove. However, it's a profession worth working hard for. It's a prestigious job. You will also be responsible for handling the lives of others. In order to become a doctor, you first need to get to medical school. It's a very competitive world out there, so you need to ensure that you not only have the grades but that you're unique enough to stand out and make your way into the medical school of your dreams. In today's article we've listed down 4 things to do before you apply to medical school.

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1. Do the MCAT

The MCAT is a computer-based standardized test for potential medical students. Preparing for the MCAT is crucial for getting admission into medical school. It's important for you to decide when you should take the MCAT and prepare for the exam accordingly. We recommend you purchase MCAT books and take online prep courses from Khan Academy, Kaplan, Next Step and more. Practice is key so make sure you practice and test yourself to gauge your strengths and weaknesses.

2. Teacher Recommendation Letters

Teacher recommendation letters are very important to submit to the medical colleges you wish to gain entry into. They give colleges a good understanding of you in general; your strengths, goals, your personality, etc. Holistic colleges want to see more of you, besides your grades as well. This helps colleges gauge as to what you can contribute to their campus if they were to grant you admission. It's best to get recommendations from two to three teachers that you know will speak positively about you and submit those to a college.

3. Personal Statement

Personal statements play a very important part in your college application. Personal statements are that one thing that make you stand out from other applicants in the admission process. Therefore when constructing your personal statement, try to make yourself stand out and be as unique as you can. You have to show the admissions committee why you are so passionate about the degree you wish to obtain and what you have done to prove your passion for that field. For example, did you try shadowing a doctor or nurse? Did you volunteer in a hospital?

4. Learn another Language

In the medical field, you will get numerous chances to meet people from different countries and cultures; you may even be granted the chance to travel. Therefore it's essential to learn another language. Apart from some benefits you can acquire from learning another language, like delay in dementia and Alzheimer's, but it makes you stand out as a smart applicant as well. Many people even associate smartness with the number of languages you know. The more languages you know, the better you'll be able to communicate and assist patients from different parts of the world. 

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