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Updated: Jan 14, 2020 03:15 PM EST

4 Great Ways to Prepare for the AP Biology Exam

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High school can be fun, but it has its share of stresses. All students need to make sure that they do well in High School so they can get admission into a great college. This is a great way to ensure that you will be paid well and earn yourself an excellent career in the future. But before you start with that college search, let's take a look at how you can score a 5 on that AP Biology exam. 

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  1. Buy the Right Books

There are a multitude of books available in the market that guarantee you promising results. However, you can't purchase all these books, and you can never be sure whether those books are as promising as they claim to be. So in such a situation, you need to be very selective when choosing which book is right for you and which is comprehensive enough to give you a thorough revision of all that you need to know to score a 5 on the AP Biology exam. Therefore, before you buy a book, make sure you check its reviews and make sure to consult your teacher and peers for what they think would be your best guide.

  1. Make Sure You Know Everything

As with any exam, everything is unseen; you just don't know what will come and what won't. Therefore, you should make sure you know all the topics that can pop up in the exam. This may be heartbreaking for those who may not be so strong in human biology and find plant biology to be their forte or vice versa, but you need to make sure you know everything well in order to tackle any question that comes your way during exam day. Be sure that all your study materials are up to date so that you aren't studying anything that is no longer a part of the format and vice versa. 

  1. Practice. Practice. Practice.

We have heard this a gazillion times now, but it couldn't be further from the truth; practice makes perfect, and if you really want to be good at anything, anything at all, then you need to make sure that you practice like anything. Hence, make sure you attempt as many sample questions as you can. By doing so, you will be training yourself to answer questions quickly and correctly on the exam day - after all, practice will also help you to manage time. While you're practicing, try to take help from sample questions found on the internet and wherever possible. The more resources you have, the better.

  1. Manage Time

Time management is crucial on test day. Imagine having all the knowledge you need to score a 5 on the test, but not know how to manage your time? What good would all that knowledge be now in any case? This brings us to our final point - make sure you manage your time when attempting questions at home. This is the only way you can do well on the exam. If you aren't able to answer all the questions in the time specified, you could put your score at risk. When practicing at home, make sure you have a timer set to help you assume how many questions you can answer in the time specified. This will give you an idea of how much speed you need to build. 

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