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Updated: Apr 15, 2013 07:13 AM EDT

Woman Raised By Monkeys Releases New Memoir

Woman Raised By Monkeys Releases New Memoir
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Marina Chapman, who claims she was brought up by monkeys, has released a memoir titled "The Girl With No Name", which details her life in a Colombian jungle.

Marina Chapman, a woman from England who is now in her mid-60s, claims that she was abducted when she was 4 years old and then abandoned in a Colombian jungle. She spent years in the jungle and survived by adopting the habits of a group of capuchin monkeys. In her memoir "The Girl With No Name: The Incredible True Story of a Child Raised by Monkeys", Chapman talks about her life in the jungle and surviving with only monkeys to keep her company.

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Chapman reveals she survived on the nuts and fruits the monkeys left behind and mimicked how the moneys acted. She says that staying with the monkeys, she began to forget her parents as well as her own name. However, critics question if it is just an adulthood imagination, but Chapman defends the experience as real.

"It's not imagination,'' Chapman told NBC's "Today" show. "I know. I know what I know, I'm very sure. You become resilient, and you survive."

Chapman says she lived for five years with monkeys before a group of hunters found her and sold her off to a brothel in Cucuta, Colombia, not for money, but for a parrot. She managed to escape from there only to turn into a street thief. Finally, when she was in her teens, she was taken in by a family, and they are the ones that gave her the name "Marina".

Chapman's daughters Vanessa and Joanna told "Today" that they had been to Cucuta and have met with people who have verified their mother's story.

"Marina is an exceptionally rare, arguably unique example of an abused, uneducated, feral child who has somehow survived and conquered her misfortune," Andrew Lownie, Chapman's literary agent, wrote on his website. "Part of the wild child is still very much in her; she has spent much of her time in England embarrassing her kids by scaling trees in seconds, catching wild birds and rabbits with her bare hands, as well as milking the odd passing cow."

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