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Updated: May 23, 2012 05:05 PM EDT

"Are You Kidding Me?" Book Cover

Book Cover for "Are You Kidding Me?"
(Photo : Brighton Publishing)

Here's our prediction and remember you heard it here first: "Are You Kidding Me?" will soon become a best seller and will get a big-name publisher to back it very soon.  But we're not done yet.  Down the road,we also predict that it will also make it to the big screen. "Are you Kidding Me," is a tell-all about the real life dating adventures of a woman during her 20s. The book, which was recently self-published by first time author Elisabeth Glasband is destined to succeed because it is beyond relatable for so many single woman.  The book is written in a straight-forward, hilarious way much like the diary/journal genre that's emerged over the years in "chic lit"...think "Nanny Diaries."  The stories she tells of the guys she meets are almost too crazy to believe until of course you realize that either you've gone on some down-right ludicrous dates yourself or you've heard your girlfriends' play-for-play of their horrible yet hysterical dates.

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Some of the highlights from the book include a guy who offerred her money to hang out even after she rejected him and a guy who lied about being a doctor so she would date him.

The 30-year-old author says she decided to write the book because her experiences were so shocking, funny and outrageous that she knew she had to share them with everyone.

She also writes on her blog that she moved to Boston with a "two-month rule" (no sex before two months of dating). When she once told a guy she met at a bar about her rule he said, "Give me your number and I'll call you in two months!"

But Glasband says she didn't write the book just for laughs and kicks. "While 'Are You Kidding Me' is funny, I think readers will walk away with some of the same revelations I had," Glasband says. "It's not always black and white in the world of romance. Sometimes you have to completely remove yourself from the situation in order to reflect on it," she says.  

Her book is available on her website and on Amazon.

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