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Updated: Aug 06, 2015 07:38 AM EDT

Many adults in Boston and Cambridge have found a new hobby, apparently.

According to Biz Journals, a lot of the residents in these areas have been vacuuming the supply of adult coloring books in Blick Art Materials store at Landmark Center, putting the outlet on the second spot with massive sales of the books nationwide.

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Adult coloring books have become a sensation and Bustle says there isn't any legitimate reason they shouldn't be. Aside from the unadulterated fun, the activity comes with benefits that make the brain happy and the body hale and hearty.

For those who aren't swayed by the idea of having just another past time that is worth it to go through the trouble exhuming their treasure chest for their trusty art supplies, perhaps they will change their minds upon knowing how healthy and resonant playing with colors could actually be.

1.           Coloring eases the mind and fends off stress

According to Bustle, the meditative quality of coloring gives the amygdala aka the brain's fear center a well-deserved time out. Make it habit to shade and fill out those lines and shapes and it should empower your amygdala enough to combat stress and anxiety.

2.          Coloring books sharpens focus without needing a lot of focus

Coloring allows people to concentrate without thinking so much about it. Clinical counselor and self-confessed "Crayola girl" Leslie Marshall tells Washington Times that the activity being "repetitive" will allow an individual to focus while still keeping it mindless.

"It allows us to not be too regretful of the past or too anxious about the future," Marshall said. "It's not that we want people to forget what it's like to be in reality, but, for 20 minutes, we can push aside that stress."

3.          Coloring books boosts your social life

In line with what Marshall said about the activity being undemanding, adults can meet up and color together while doing other fun activities. Artist Lisa Congdon, for example, suggests to NBC that coloring and drinking a glass of wine actually go well together. This is the birth of coloring parties.

4.          Coloring helps remember the simple things

According to Danny Tyree of, coloring reminds grownups how simple and less intricate life can be. Tyree adds that such activity allows an individual to get inventive and will give him or her the satisfaction of being able to make a something beautiful and colorful out of black and white.

5.           Coloring lets your personality take over

A coloring book is for its owner to give life to in line with what he or she thinks will make it more wonderful. They have the liberty to change things up and experiment with different colors. There are no rules on what should be this and that, which makes the leisure liberating.

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