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Updated: Aug 07, 2015 08:52 AM EDT

According to Bustle, nothing is ever more daring than reading. Doing extreme sports won't look so extreme when done next to someone who decides to pick up that deceptively innocent novel resting on a bookshelf and sits on an equally deceptive comfy couch beside it to devour the book.

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There are so many things that could jeopardize that dreamed-of storybook life. So for those who want a long, exciting journey of pages and prints, here are five reading mistakes that you shouldn't do under any circumstances and should totally stop doing.

1.           Tell others about what you're reading

There are times one should lie and for readers, that time is when someone asks what you're reading. Because when you tell them what book you are currently reading, they will likely ask where you're at with the book and then tell you in detail the parts you have yet to read.

2.          Underestimating Google's power

What's worse than someone else spoiling the book for you is you spoiling yourself inadvertently. The internet is one big spoiler-churning machine and as much as possible, stay away from it. That being said, googling the author of the book you're on right now is utter madness.

Chances are Google will give you more answers than you are looking for, thus trying to find out what other books the author has or what he's up to or just simply checking if he has a Twitter account aren't the only things you will get.

3.          Taking bookmarks too lightly

It is serious business to bookmark and it is a crime not to do it dutifully. When you get back on reading but you don't know which page you're on, you'll have to go through the trouble of skimming and reading some parts.

What could go very wrong in this situation is going so far ahead when you're checking that you accidentally read spoiler-y passages. Here are some cool bookmarks compiled by Buzzfeed to take care of that.

4.          Bringing fewer books than needed during vacation

This will be easy for those who have e-book readers or tablets. But those who stick with the physical copies either for the more genuine feel or that addictive smell of their pages will have to make sure they have enough stories to gobble during their jaunts.

Plan ahead. If you don't want to go bookless for thirty seconds during your getaway, pack as many books as you need.

5.           Committing to finish every book you open

There are times where halfway through the story or even at the beginning, the book is sounding like one you're not really into. When it comes to that point, it isn't a sin to put that tome back to the shelf and get another one to flip through.

Finishing a book just because you started it isn't a responsibility.

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