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Updated: Sep 16, 2015 08:44 AM EDT

Coloring books are now getting all the rage, but publisher Michael O'Mara Books has found a way to take this craze to the next level. Apple users can now color their heart out from their iOS devices with the new Coloring Book app. No need for crayons or colored pencils.

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The coloring book application was solely created as the stress-relieving activity invited greater demand, as per The Bookseller. The company as quoted by the site, says this app is the answer "to the increased need for a weapon against stress and anxiety in our busy lives."

Michael O'Mara Books digital sales co-ordinator Eva Arnold, who is also the person behind the app said in the conception of the coloring book app "I noticed an interest in digital coloring back in 2014, when people started searching for adult coloring books on our e-book store."

"Since then, there's been an explosion of activity on the app stores, but nothing that matched the detail or complexity of our adult coloring books. We thought we'd enter the market with something really detailed and unique that people could enjoy spending a lot of time on," she added.

The app has tons of adult coloring images to choose from. It provides a pen tool for more elaborate coloring but it only takes tapping the white spaces to fill them with color. Users will be able to create their own color palettes and they can even share their artwork and store it on their device.

Excited to use the app? The App has several features that would surely be up for your taste: The app uses an opacity setting that can make users create layers of shading effects and images. And want to know the most exciting part about this? You can brag your piece of art to social networks.

As simple as Michael O'Mara Books' coloring book app seem at first, Arnold promises that it will offer "a lot more flexibility in how people color." "We hoped to create a digital product that would appeal to an entirely new audience, and also capture what's special about our books," he stated via The Bookseller.

The app can be used by any iPad, iPhone and iPod touch user by downloading it from the iTunes store. A version for Android is already being prepared. Apart from the app, Michael O'Mara Books also offer physical coloring books, which come with all sorts of designs.

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