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Updated: Dec 07, 2016 05:50 PM EST

BookWhirl, a rapidly growing self-publishing company, now offers Advanced Editorial Services for authors. These types of editing services go beyond general proofreading as they provide a more in-depth evaluation of the manuscript. The lineup of services focuses on the core message of the story, developing it for maximum reader impact. It checks for factual inaccuracies, improper language use, and all other areas of the plot needing improvement.

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The Advanced Editorial Services are broken down into three categories: Line Editing, Content Editing, and Developmental Editing. Each of these services tackles specific issues of the manuscript. Through these services, the author's manuscript will be further developed into its highest quality version.

Authors can now avail the service in BookWhirl's website

About BookWhirl Publishing LLC

From its humble beginning as an online marketing service provider, is now a self-publishing company, responding to every conceivable publishing and marketing need. The company is driven to expand its services, responding to every writer's need. Nevertheless, it still seeks to offer such services at an affordable price. These extensive arrays of publishing services are designed to actualize every writer's dream to get published.

Throughout the years, BookWhirl is guided by the principle of transforming every author's dream into reality. While the firm continues to grow as part of the publisher and publishing companies, it has stayed true to this principle even until now. As a book publishing company, continues to provide services that accommodate the changing and emerging needs of self-published authors. It has entrenched its name as a highly dependable online publishing provider in the self-publishing industry.

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