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Updated: Dec 08, 2016 05:14 PM EST

Laid Off or Moving On? Let's Dispel Myths of the Hidden Job Market and Find Work You Love

Laid Off or Moving On? Let's Dispel Myths of the Hidden Job Market and Find Work You Love

Mass layoffs continue, and millions of people feel lost at sea when they lose their jobs or want to change careers. Along with holiday cheer, many employees are laid off or decide to move on at this time of year.

Whether losing a job by layoff or by choice, Ms. Brout's memoir and guide offers solace, insights, and actions for navigating an experience than can be traumatic, turbulent, and triumphant.

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Contrary to popular belief, today's winning formula to find work we love is to network less; job hunt online more.

Having landed allof her positions by applying for advertised jobs, Nancy Brout crushes pervasive myths about the "hidden job market" and networking. After 20 years in one company, Ms. Brout conducted four search strategies, discovered work she was meant to do, helped clients gain confidence and find new jobs, and landed in an amazing job of her own.

Conventional wisdom that 80% of jobs are never advertised is long overdue for extinction. At least 40% of new hires are found through online channels, and this is growing exponentially. Professionals who don't use online job boards, social media, and company career sites to generate interviews and offers are missing primary pathways to land their next jobs. Job seekers get results with Ms. Brout's divergent Sweet Spot Job Search Method and tips on 25 Activities that are more and less effective for self-discovery, job hunting, networking, and finding work we love.

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