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Updated: Aug 21, 2012 12:03 PM EDT

Breaking Dawn cast

Part of the "Breaking Dawn Part 2" cast at Comic-Con 2012 San Diego
(Photo : Facebook)

"Twilight" fans are gearing up for the epic finale in November.

Not only are they constantly talking and screaming over the new photos and information that Summit Entertainment keeps revealing, but they made the "Twilight" Twitter account the biggest one ever.

The official "Twilight Saga" Twitter account, @Twilight, has become the first film Twitter to reach and surpass one million followers on Monday.

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"Congrats to Twihards worldwide for making @Twilight the first movie to reach 1 million Twitter followers! Thank you for your enduring support & passion for The Twilight Saga! #Twihards4EVER," the Official Facebook Fan Page wrote.

"The Twilight Saga" movies, based on bestselling author Stephanie Meyer's books, consists of "Twilight," "The Twilight Saga: New Moon," "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse," "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Part 2."

The Facebook page also posted a video, a tribute to Twi-hards at Los Angeles premieres for the previous four movies (SEEN BELOW). They used the hashtag #Twihards4ever also thanking fans for their support.

"Breaking Dawn Part 2" releases in theaters Nov. 16, starring Kristen Stewart as a new vampire.

Summit started the Twitter in October 2009. The handle has 50% more followers than the next biggest film property, according to a press release. It has consistently been used to share exclusive content and news announcements including one-sheets, first look images, and messages from the franchise's filmmakers - often resulting in worldwide trending topics on the microblogging service.

Fans are not the only ones that will miss "Twilight."

In a recent interview with MTV News, Robert Pattinson (who plays Edward) spoke with Josh Horowitz about the last promotions for the "Twilight" series.

Pattinson, 26, said that he enjoyed the conclusion of "Breaking Dawn - Part 2," which will include a look at the entire series. "It's an amazing experience," he said. "It's a huge chunk of my life, and the end of the movie, the last few scenes, kind of look back at the whole series. It's so sweet."

Now that the series is ending, Pattinson said that his life has changed significantly since Edward Cullen began in 2008.

"I feel so much older now," he said. "The idea of if I had to do a sequel now, it would be like 'I'm not 17 anymore.' "

He talked about how he still doesn't comprehend the level of dedication the "Twilight" fans still have after all these years.

"I find it amazing, the intensity of people liking it. It's crazy," he said. "It's an elemental thing that it connected to, which I still don't understand. I hope people like it."

During Comic-Con 2012 San Diego, some of the cast expressed their fan appreciation and how dedicated they are to "Twilight."

"Being able to share with these guys, the fans, [they] are an ever-present, motivating, reassuring thing," Kristen Stewart told MTV News before the "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" panel. "It's really nice, but when they're actually physically in front of you, if you can get over the blast of energy that's thrown at you, it's the most amazing shared energy thing. They're just as invested in it as I am, and to see that is mind-blowing. I love it."

"Being here with the fans this year has been really special for me," Nikki Reed said, who plays Rosalie Cullen. "The fact that they're still here four years later and that I recognize a lot of them - I can see that they've cut their hair or lost weight or they're wearing makeup - all those little things are very bizarre, but I feel like I know a lot of them."

Billy Burke, who plays Charlie Swan (Bella's father), talked about the emotional scenes in "Breaking Dawn Part 2."

"Well, first of all, Kristen and I, we've had a great time throughout the entire filming experience, and that scene in particular, the last episode of the entire saga, was kind of emotional for everybody, and surprisingly so," he told MTV News at Entertainment Weekly's popular Comic-Con celebration. "Nobody really expected that, and as we were doing it, it kind of hits you."

Stewart even went so far as to say she would be interested in making a reboot.

"If you told me tomorrow that we had to reshoot some scene, I'd be so happy because I do enjoy living in this world," Stewart said at Comic-Con, according to The Age. "We got to do it for four years and I put everything I had into it. Even though it's a bummer to walk away, it's something I'll always have."

How do you "Twilight" fans feel about the ending of the biggest film probably on earth? Comment below!

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