Premiere Of Focus Features' 'Coraline'- Afterparty

Neil Gaiman Short Stories Getting Graphic Novel Treatment

Dark Horse will publish them next year.

The Clintons' War on Women by Roger Stone and Robert Morrow

Hillary Clinton Allegedly Giving 1-Star, Negative Reviews for 'The Clintons' War on Women' on Amazon

Political consultant Roger Stone just released a revolutionary new book titled "The Clintons' War on Women," which is billed to shed light on a shocking truth that Clinton so elaborately kept tightly wrapped and one that apparently opposes her promise to be an advocate of women and girls.

Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith

'Release Your Inner Detective' in New Robert Galbraith Novel 'Career of Evil'

A new Robert Galbraith aka JK Rowling book is out now and initially, it illustrates that the "Harry Potter" author can write enthralling tales outside of Hogwarts—ones that are bloodcurdling, too.

'Paper Towns' Get Lost Get Found Dallas Tour

John Green Reveals Why He Writes Teen Books

When it comes to young adult romance tales, John Green is your man. His stories about young love made the top of the bestseller list his usual destination and each rich paperback has captured the heart of many teenage and teen at heart booklovers.

David Lynch Foundation Presents: 'Change Begins Within' Benefit Gala Hosted By David Lynch And Jerry Seinfeld

'Twin Peaks' Director David Lynch to Release a Hybrid Memoir

Surrealist filmmaker extraordinaire and visual artist David Lynch is working on a memoir that's sure to give fans the same feeling when waiting for a movie from the artist. The book, which was given the title "Life & Work," won't just be any book, as expected of Lynch.

Author Paula Byrne Reveals ‘The Real Jane Austen’ In New Biography

Author Paula Byrne Reveals 'The Real Jane Austen' in New Biography

Author Paula Byrne uses her new biography as a platform to reveal "The Real Jane Austen", stating that small everyday objects made up Austen's life.

Robert Burns’ Long Lost Manuscripts Discovered By Researcher

Robert Burns' Long Lost Manuscripts Discovered By Researcher

A few of Robert Burns' manuscripts that were thought to be long along with letters from his loved ones has been rediscovered by a researcher.

paula broadwell

Before Gen. David Petraeus Scandal Broke, Paula Broadwell Angled For ‘Military Expert’ Job with TV Networks

As more details come to light about Gen. David Petraeus's affair with biographer Paula Broadwell, the story only continues to get weirder.

elizabeth smart

Elizabeth Smart Writing Memoir About Abduction, Her Foundation with Utah Congressman Elect Chris Stewart

Ten years after religious fanatics abducted her while sleeping in her Utah bedroom and held her captive for nine months, Elizabeth Smart is finally ready to tell her story in her own words.


Fact-Checking Steven Spielberg's 'Lincoln' Movie with Biographer Ronald C. White

Steven Spielberg's new historical epic, "Lincoln," is garnering Oscar buzz and throngs of glowing reviews, but just how historically accurate is its depiction of the 16th U.S. president?

paula broadwell

David Petraeus Rehire: Viral Campaign for General Picking Up Steam, Should Obama Take Him Back?

An article written by Slate's Emily Yoffe has gone viral for her view that President Barack Obama should rehire Gen. David Petraeus in the wake of the public revealing of his extramarital affair with biographer Paula Broadwell.

star wars

'Star Wars' Episodes 7, 8, 9 'Most Exciting' in Series, According to George Lucas Biographer

Disney bought Lucas Film Oct. 30 and plans to release at least three new "Star Wars" films. But fear not young padawans, episodes 7, 8, and 9 are "the most exciting," according to George Lucas's biographer.


Rod Stewart Book, 'Rod: The Autobiography' Reveals Golden Rock and Roll Anecdotes

Wake up - I think Rod Stewart's got something to say to you. The aging rocker wants you to know he isn't the man you think he is.

lil wayne

Forget about Presidential Polls, Lil Wayne's Memoir, 'Gone Til November,' Has a Release Date

We've got a more pressing question than who's winning in the presidential polls right now: Will Lil Wayne win next year's National Book Award?

made in alaska

Joe Biden, Paul Ryan Vice Presidential Debate Tonight, Sarah Palin’s Dad and Brother Release Celebrity Memoir ‘Our Sarah: Made in Alaska’

Chuck Heath and Chuck Heath, Jr. - Palin's father and brother, who are, somewhat confusingly not the same person - have written "Our Sarah: Made in Alaska," available now.

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