F Scott Fitzgerald

Wildfire Grows Rapidly In California's Lake County

Caitlyn Jenner Attends Culture Club Performance At The Greek Theatre

F. Scott Fitzgerald's Long-Lost Short Story 'Temperature' Found; Buy Published Work Here

Just recently, Dr. Seuss and Harper Lee made the headlines after their long-lost manuscripts were unearthed. They instantaneously became literary knockouts and overnight bestsellers. Now, another celebrated author is in the front-page for the same phenomenal reason.

California Wildfire Damage Extends to 54K Acres, Thousands Evacuated

On Wednesday, Sacramento, California was awoken by a fast-spreading wildfire that has already spanned across 54,000 acres and three counties, CNN reports. By Saturday night, only five percent of The Rocky Fire was contained, with firefighters still trying to kill it.

Caitlyn Jenner Struggling With Swimsuit? Candis Cayne Dating Status Revealed

Caitlyn Jenner has overcome so much ever since coming out as a transgender. She became a pillar of strength and freedom for the LGBT community, and her bravery is literally and figuratively award-winning. But that doesn't mean nothing in this world scares the 65-year-old former Olympian.

Love Is In Summer AirBook Reviews

Fiction Picks 2015: 5 Summer Books That Will Make You Fall in Love

Aug 01, 2015 08:49 PM EDT

Maybe it's best to fall in love under the sun.

Fangirl Exclusive Collector's EditionBook Reviews

Top Fiction Picks: Young Adult Books to Read Before Summer Is Over

Jul 30, 2015 08:21 AM EDT

When it comes to books, it's never too late for summer fiction or too early for back-to-school reads. There's still a month to go before the busy school days when there's no time for leisure reading anymore. Here are great fiction books that young adults can enjoy before the summer is over.

HBO Celebrates 'Game Of Thrones' At WIRED Cafe At Comic-ConBooks

'Game of Thrones' Harper Collins App Lets Fans Read 'A Song of Ice and Fire' This Way

Jul 31, 2015 08:40 AM EDT

Harper Collins, George RR Martin's publisher, knows that not all "Game of Thrones" fans have read the books where the HBO hit series was inspired and that these individuals may or may not want to delve into the world page by page and through the written word.

The BooknitureBooks

Books Transforming Into Furnitures? Check Out HK Designer Mike Mak's 'Bookniture'

Jul 30, 2015 06:43 AM EDT

A designer from Hong Kong has found a way to make furniture portable. Mike Mak calls his creation the Bookniture, a book that can transform into a multifunctional furniture "in a flip." The product combines the portability of a book and the support of everyday fixtures.

Facebook Holds F8 Developers ConferenceBook Reviews

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Announces 'Genome' by Matt Ridley as 15th Pick for 'A Year of Books'

Jul 29, 2015 09:10 AM EDT

The 15th book on Mark Zuckerberg's list for his online book club, A Year of Books, is "Genome" by Matt Ridley. It explores how this scientific discovery affects people and future generations.

What Pet Should I Get?Book Reviews

Dr. Seuss New Book 'What Pet Should I Get' Finally Released! 5 Stories That Charmed Young Kids

Jul 29, 2015 09:06 AM EDT

A new Dr. Seuss book called "What Pet Should I Get?" has been released on July 28, Here are five of the most iconic books written by Theodore Seuss Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss.

best seller
 Grey by E.L. James

5 Biggest Books That Ruled the First Half of 2015

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'Frozen 2' on Active Development! Is Olaf Returning? [Spoilers]

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Comic-Con International 2015 - Lionsgate Press Room

'Mockingjay Part 2' New Teaser Shows Katniss Form Her Army [Spoilers]

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Finding Nemo Movie

Top 5 Beloved Animated Movies Before 'Minions', 'Inside Out' & 'Frozen' Arrived

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