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Why I Was Wrong About Speed Reading Apps

Speed reading applications claim that they can allow you to read a book in a matter of minutes. The more realistic speed-reading techniques will enable you to skim over as much as five hundred words per minute - a far more believable rate.

Ten Nonfiction books that You Should Have Read in 2006

Ten Nonfiction books that You Should Have Read in 2006

The older I get, the less I know.

Hipster Animals by Dyna Moe

'Hipster Animals' Book Review: Things to Learn From Dyna Moe's 'Field Guide'

Moe takes readers to a trip to the "cool neighborhood," where all the trendsetters and scenesters breed.

Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith

'Release Your Inner Detective' in New Robert Galbraith Novel 'Career of Evil'

A new Robert Galbraith aka JK Rowling book is out now and initially, it illustrates that the "Harry Potter" author can write enthralling tales outside of Hogwarts—ones that are bloodcurdling, too.

Rogue Lawyer by John Grisham

John Grisham's 'Rogue Lawyer': What to Expect From Author's Newest Novel

Halloween is a time for scares and thrillers and as if the bestselling author John Grisham was appointed by his horde of fans to make the monster season better, the novelist delivers with an all-new, no holds barred thriller "Rogue Lawyer" set to release on Oct. 20.

The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood

'The Heart Goes Last' Book Review: What You Need to Know About Margaret Atwood's Latest Novel

"The Heart Goes Last" is the latest from award-winning author Margaret Atwood. Fans have waited for one and a half decade for this standalone book and proving once again the writer is not capable of producing a middling title, makes these 15 long years worth twiddling thumbs for.

The Enemy Within by Gary Nott

Gary Nott Book Review: 'The Enemy Within' Turn Kids Into Detectives

"The Enemy Within" by Gary Knott takes readers to a thrilling adventure sought after by the young protagonists in it. Set in the year 1975, the mystery tale follows a group of youngsters whose goal is to have the best school holiday ever.

Little Girl Gone by Alexandra Burt

Alexandra Burt Book Review: 'Little Girl Gone' Takes Readers to Places

Alexandra Burt's "Little Girl Gone" has arrived and its publisher Avon touts the new tome as "Gone Girl Meets the Girl on the Train." Peddled as the next must-have, the psychological thriller explores the unexplained disappearance of baby Mia Paradise, an incident that mom Estelle did not bother to report to the authorities.

HBO Documentary Films Celebrates 'Birders: The Central Park Effect' With A Picnic In The Park

Jonathan Franzen Book Review: Here's What 'Purity' Is About

At the start of the month of September, the literary world was greeted by Jonathan Franzen's new book "Purity." The tome is an encapsulation of mirth, the search for order in chaos, unforgettable characters, familial dysfunction, blatant animosity towards technology and a declaration of love for Charles Dickens.

Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff

Lauren Groff Book Review: What You Need to Know About 'Fates & Furies'

Award-winning author Lauren Groff is back with another page-turner and this time, she takes a shot at racing into the whirlpool that is marriage by playing with creativity, perception and Shakespeare. Her latest work titled "Fates and Furies" is described by the writer's website as "exhilarating" and that is promised to exceed expectations.

Hoarder Home In California

Reading Addiction? 5 Signs That Scream Your Love for Books

Reading can be an addiction and there are lots of ways to know if books have become your obsession. Spending hours checking out titles and sometimes smelling the pages is just one. Another is your adamant stance to put reading first before social activities. Being member of multiple book clubs too.

The Television Academy Of Arts And Sciences' Presents An Evening With 'Games Of Thrones'

'Game of Thrones' Book 6 'Winds of Winter' Release Date: Biggest Spoiler Theories to Watch Out For [Rumors]

With "Winds of Winter" still not finished, fans have no book to latch on when it comes to figuring out what's next for the people of Westeros and beyond. This is why a lot of theories about the certain mysteries in the books are in the wild.

2015 Sundance Film Festival Portraits - Day 2

'Z For Zachariah' Movie Review: How Robert C. O'Brien's Book Differs From the Film Adaptation

"Z for Zachariah" recently made its way into the big screen. But it wasn't as loyal to its source material written by Robert C. O'Brien back in 1974. While the post-apocalyptic thriller film had nods to certain elements in the book, the differences certainly dominate.

Sixth Harry Potter Book To Be Published In July

Not Over with Harry Potter: 5 Magical Books to Devour After JK Rowling's Series

While you reread and relive the moment the boy who lived was told he was a wizard to becoming the greatest one there is, try not to decide against exploring other magical worlds that, to your surprise, actually abound and await to be explored.

Frankfurt Book Fair 2012

New York Times Bestseller Lists Change Put YA Books on Spotlight! Get the Details Here

In the name of wider discoverability of books, New York Times is separating middle-grade books from young adult ones starting tomorrow, August 21. Thanks to this change, paperbacks should belong to an entirely different list, so do the hardcover ones.

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