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Updated: Oct 05, 2012 10:20 AM EDT

kate gosselin

Appearing recently on the Oct. 3 episode of “Katie” with Katie Couric, Kate Gosselin broke down in tears when Couric asked how she was doing.
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Kate Gosselin may not seem like the sunniest person around, or even on reality TV, but is she capable of child abuse? A new book, "Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World," written by Robert Hoffman, a friend of Jon Gosselin's, is alleging just that and many more "sins."

In the e-book, which was recently yanked from Amazon by Kate Gosselin's lawyers, Hoffman accuses the star of TLC's "Kate Plus 8" of a litany of crimes, but most notably, that she has beaten her children since they were toddlers. Hoffman claims he personally called Child Protective Services on Gosselin on two separate incidents, because she is "sick" and in "desperate need of mental help."

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"I'll be sued by one or more parties before this is over," Hoffman wrote in his e-book according to Radar Online. "I'm writing this book for the Gosselin kids," he says.

According to the Radar Online source, Jon Gosselin made copies of Kate's hard drives in a scheme to save journal entries she'd written on her computer and then gave them to Hoffman.

"Jon made copies of Kate's hard drive and gave them to Rob as a sort of backup plan in case there was anything he needed in there while there were going through their divorce," says the source to Radar.

A claim that Hoffman outright denies. "Regarding Jon, as stated clearly in the book, he had absolutely nothing to do with personally giving me any information whatsoever for the book," said Hoffman to Radar.  "The other 90 percent of the material I possess will not be published, ever, but you can be sure that if I'm falsely accused of anything and drug into court, or called a liar by Kate Gosselin or her lawyers, this information will come out then, including photographs."

The hard drives gave Hoffman access to Kate Gosselin's journal, numerous emails, and even tax documents.

Hoffman claims he found secret journals that Kate used to write her books "Multiple Bles8ings" and "Eight Little Faces," according to Hollywood Life. In journals that Kate reportedly wrote "She was beating 2-year-old babies in diapers," Hoffman told Star magazine.

"I don't judge somebody for spanking, but what Kate wrote in her journal is just absolute violence," he told the magazine.

One instance in particular Hoffman found shocking: when the kids helped themselves to M&Ms without asking, Kate became consumed by anger. "I really, really lost it! I pulled Collin up by the hair, and I spanked them so hard!" she allegedly wrote.

After Colin threw a tantrum another time, Kate reportedly went on another rage. "I sent him to his crib and whipped him into it very hard...I never felt that I may really seriously injure a child, but today was that day."

While his friend Jon Gosselin was making countless bad decisions, Hoffman alleges, according to Radar Online, "Kate Gosselin continued to prance around like a peacock ... with her bodyguards, her handlers, her public relations team, her media trainer, her team of lawyers and her protective network family feeding her a script of talking points for the week -- pretending to be mother of the year, fooling millions of people while pursuing her Hollywood lifestyle on the backs of her eight beautiful children."

"I like Jon Gosselin a lot. I've traveled with him and partied with him and have been with him through his highest highs and his lowest lows," said Hoffman to Radar.

Hoffman's close friendship with Gosselin, duty to their children, fame; you have to wonder what's really motivating Hoffman here. "Kate Gosselin washed out of community college after three months and is a gum smack uneducated (redacted) who tells mostly lies and says 'um' a lot. ... You sold your family and your children's souls to the Devil, to make a quick buck for yourself. Shame on you Kate Gosselin," Hoffman writes in the book.

Kate Gosselin hasn't been immune to Hoffman's claims. Appearing recently on the Oct. 3 episode of "Katie" with Katie Couric, she seemed to be visibly feeling the strain from the controversy the book's caused, and broke down when Couric asked how she was doing.

"I have been through a lot sorry," she said fighting back tears. "So when you've gone through a lot you realize what's important. I'm learning to let the little stuff go. Yeah, I feel like everybody as you get older ... you mature. My heart was always in the right place."

Kate Gosselin seemed to echo sentiments in Hoffman's writing that the Gosselin marriage was an often troubled, turbulent relationship. "A lot of people try to pin reality TV and say, 'My gosh. It ended in divorce. Big surprise.' We went through a lot. The signs were always there, and obviously having eight kids in a short span of time didn't help that," she said to Couric. "And I'm not at all blaming my kids, I'm just saying..."

Jon and Kate's 10-year marriage officially ended in December 2009. Jon Gosselin has not made a public statement about either the book or the child abuse claims levied against his ex-wife.

Kate Gosselin looks to be trying to move on though, and is reportedly pursuing doing a reality dating TV show. "After a few years and realizing my barriers to dating and loving TV and the experiences ... I feel like honestly, that was my idea! I would do it! But I think it would be fun and allow me to meet people and have fun. It will show my fun side. I think it would be really fun," she said.

While the book's been pulled from Amazon, she isn't out of the woods yet. "The other 90 percent of the material that I possess will not be published, ever, but you can be sure that if I'm falsely accused of anything and drug [sic] into court, or called a liar by Kate Gosselin or her lawyers, this information will come out then, including photographs," Hoffman allegedly wrote to Radar.

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