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Updated: Oct 10, 2012 04:06 PM EDT

Lumia 920

A Nokia executive shows the new Lumia 920 phone with Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system at a launch event in New York

(Photo : Reuters)

The smartphone race is heating up as new details were revealed about the Nokia Lumia 920.

According to StatesmanSentinel, forum member Fred 69 reported that Australian carrier Telstra is preparing to launch the Lumia 920 on Nov. 5.

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"Fred said that his workplace has collaboration with Telstra and in a recently held conference; Telstra showed off Nokia's upcoming devices including the Lumia 920 and said that they are planning to launch the device on November 5. On the other side, AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) has already announced that it will launch the Lumia 920 on November 4," reported that website.

French pricing was also revealed the for Windows 8 phone. According to Mobilenapps,, a French phone retailer, is opening pre-orders for the Lumia 920 and the smartphone is priced at €649.90 (approximately $840). "The device is unsubsidized and SIM-free, and according to Phonehouse, will ship by the end of October, possibly Oct. 29. Both the Lumia 920 and 820 offer wireless charging and the first 200 pre-orders are bundled with a Fatboy wireless charging pillow."

The pricing hasn't been confirmed yet. The pricing for Nokia Italy shows similar figures: the Lumia 920 will be priced at €599 ($882) and Lumia 820, the mid-range phone in the Windows Phone 8 Lumia series, is priced at €499 ($643). 

The price remains high for the Lumia 920, which might make it hard to compete in the smartphone market.

According to Reuters, Nokia has priced the Lumia 920 more than 10 percent higher than the Galaxy S3 in Sweden and Italy.

In Sweden, the Lumia 920 will sell for around 5,700 Swedish crowns ($860) compared to 4,515 crowns for the Galaxy S3. In Italy, the Lumia 920 sells for 599 euros ($770) compared to 530 euros for the Galaxy S3.

Nokia has been under a lot of pressure to stay in the game, and it plans to do that with its flagship phone.

However, a new report says that the Lumia 920 will not save Nokia.

"For Nokia, Windows 8 is a make or break event critical for viability as a going concern. Nokia, however, is likely to discover that history repeats itself with the Lumia 920. Nokia's latest effort to salvage market share will prove futile. Windows 8 is no savior. For investors, Nokia stock at $2.68 effectively trades as a call option," according to SeekingAlpha writer Kofi Bofah.

"Any hopes of stemming the tide remain reliant upon technically superior Lumia 920 specifications that transform Nokia's brand image away from that of a 90's relic.

"Nokia signals that it is therefore willing to compete on quality, rather than price. Wall Street, of course, remains unimpressed. On September 5, Stephen Elop, CEO, unveiled the Lumia 920 prototype in New York City. That very same day, Nokia stock lost 15 percent in value.

"Sales wise, the Lumia 920 launch is set to degenerate into another flop at Nokia. Consumers will not forego iPhone 5 and Galaxy SIII purchases, in favor of the Lumia 920 and its well-received camera imagery and mapping technology. Unfortunately for Nokia, this Lumia 920 event will only extend Nokia's 30% year-over-year smart phone sales decline."

Bofah said that Nokia will bankrupt and ends the article by saying this, "The Nokia Lumia 920 Windows 8 smart phone is no blockbuster."

However, many fans and consumers are furious that Nokia is getting so much backlash and thinks it doesn't deserve it.

One commenter said, "The conclusion is Nokia is for long term and medium term play not for short term. Just think about this, even when Apple reaches 1000 dollars, that is not even doubling, but in long term Nokia has the opportunity to triple or even more." Another said, "I am getting a Lumia 920. The Iphone5 is just not appealing with it's terrible maps, purple haze pictures, small screen...4.3 inch phone screens are a minimal size these days, I want at least 4.5 inches. The 920 has a superior camera and I like the windows phone experience."

More say this, "Kofi, I think you are missing the point. There are millions of people that still dont have a smart phone and there are millions that have old phone like me. I am ready to up-grade and so are millions of customers. Nokia has other businesses and will be around for a long time. you are being overly pessimistic in your article. Go Nokia."

"The 920 is desirable. To me, it is the pricing that will make or break."

"People do buy on price. If they see two products with similar features and one is $50 more they will go for the more expensive product if they can afford to. They will feel that the price being more means it is a better product."

"Lumia 920 is not revolutionary. But thank god neither is the iphone 5. At least nokia is willing to innovate and add features consumers want like wireless charging, NFC, bigger screen size, OIS."

"I am Long Nokia. The Lumia 920 will be the Blockbuster. The reason all stockbrokers think Nokia will go Bankrupt is because they have iPhones in their pocket and behave like iDiots. When you use a Lumia 900 for a while you must recognize this is a different OS. The Windows8 Phones are crypted, and you know what? Microsoft is very good in that. The XBOX 360 is still not cracked (the dvd player is!). So this Phones will be perfect for business."

The Lumia 920 runs on Microsoft Windows Phone 8. It takes many of the physical design elements from previous generations of Lumia handsets, but improves on internal hardware and display technology. Some of the new tech specs include PureMotion HD+ 4.5 inch display (1280 x 768 resolution), Dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 processor, NFC chip, 2,000mAh battery, and Qi wireless charging. Nokia is touting the Lumia 920′s premier feature as its new camera lens, the Carl Zeiss lens. It has rounded edges and colorful covers with a PureView camera.

According to TheVerge, the Lumia 920 will be available for pre-order in the U.S. on Oct. 21.

"Sources familiar with AT&T and Microsoft's plans have revealed to The Verge that the carrier will start taking pre-orders for its range of Windows Phone 8 handsets on October 21st - including the HTC 8X and Nokia's Lumia 920," TheVerge reported. Pre-orders will also be available for Samsung's Ativ Smart PC and the Asus Vivo Tab RT in preparation for a launch on Oct. 26.

PhonesReview reported that the release date for AT&T seems to point to Nov. 4. First reports said it would be Oct. 21. However, Microsoft is holding an event on Oct. 29 in California.

What is your position? Will you buy a Nokia Lumia 920? Sound off below!

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