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Updated: Nov 27, 2012 03:49 PM EST


Bella, Edward, and Jacob with Renesmee
(Photo : Summit Entertainment)

"Breaking Dawn Part 2" has been out in theaters almost two weeks now, and with sales soaring, who else to thank but the three main characters of the film?

According to Hollywood Life, Summit Entertainment is planning a very special thank you for Robert Pattinson (Edward), Kristen Stewart (Bella), and Taylor Lautner (Jacob).

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"Taylor, Kristen and Rob are ecstatic with the box office results, as well as Summit," a source close to Summit told the website. "The studio has made sure to keep them in the loop on the box office throughout its run. And in a gesture of thanks, Summit is in the process to put together a purchase for three luxury cars to give to them as a thank you gift for their entire work on all the films." 

No word yet on what type of cars they would be, but fans had some ideas and posted their opinions on Summit giving gifts to the trio.

"BD2 is incredibly nice and best of the series. Really great, thank you all and especially Kristen," one fan said. Another said, "Yeah, they can get Stewart a nice new Mini-Cooper to replace the one that seems to have gone missing in action."

One fan said, "I think it's great that the summit studio is given Robert and Kristen, Taylor a brand new car that is nice they all three deserve it, they work very hard doing all Twilight movies. So yes they do deserve their gift of a new car they also deserve more then that they are good at what they do. Love all three actors and actress wish them luck and happiness, love Robert and Kristen the most I am a fan of both Kristen and Robert wish them both happiness and peace love from your fan."

The epic finale adaption of Stephanie Meyer's beloved novel received reviews from some who don't have anything nice to say about the "Twilight Saga" otherwise. Some were surprised about how much they like the film, while others just kind of mocked the film, still giving it somewhat praise.

A review by MacKenzie Chase from Northern Arizona News sounded like the later.

"Stewart seems to have finally gotten the hang of making more than three facial expressions as this movie puts her character through more situations than before, like being a protective mother. As a vampire finally, she no longer has to complain about not being able to help the Cullens or whine about the tragedy of being in love with two people at the same time," the review said.

About the large number of CGI wolves in the finale, " it's hard to take their 'ferociousness' seriously, but what really made this installment of the Twilight series stand out were Lautner's one-liners, which helped make the numerous cliché lines more bearable."

"Overall, the movie was alright, and certainly not as bad as the previous installments. Director Bill Condon did a good job keeping it mostly in sync with the book, making long-time fans happy as well as the strictly movie fans," Chase ended the review with.

What kind of car do you think Pattinson, Stewart, and Lautner will receive if any? And what did you think of the film? Sound off below!

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