Entertainment Weekly Hosts Its Annual Comic-Con Party At FLOAT At The Hard Rock Hotel In San Diego In Celebration Of Comic-Con 2015 - Arrivals

'Ready Player One' & 'Armada' Author Ernest Cline Drops Hint on Next Novel

Bestselling author Ernest Cline recently stopped by Reddit to do an AMA with fans. There he answered tons of questions, some seeking to know his favorite Steven Spielberg movies, Rush albums and books as well as his inclination on pop culture.

Harper Lee's Go Set A Watchman Goes On Sale

Harper Lee Lost Manuscript Found Again? The Truth Revealed!

"Go Set a Watchman," a recently released novel written by Harper Lee as a follow-up to her mega successful page-turner "To Kill a Mockingbird," was an overnight sensation. The book was apparently a lost manuscript where she first wrote about Atticus Finch.

2015 Sundance Film Festival Portraits - Day 2

'Z For Zachariah' Movie Review: How Robert C. O'Brien's Book Differs From the Film Adaptation

"Z for Zachariah" recently made its way into the big screen. But it wasn't as loyal to its source material written by Robert C. O'Brien back in 1974. While the post-apocalyptic thriller film had nods to certain elements in the book, the differences certainly dominate.

Neurologist Dr. Oliver Sacks Speaks At Columbia University

Authors' Corner: Names Who Passed Away on August 2015

Even authors come and go, but their legacies live through literature.

Queen of Shadows Book Cover

September 2015 Fresh Title Releases: Top 5 Books to Watch Out For

Here are top five must-read books coming this September. These fresh titles are filled with action, thriller and fantasy.

Harry Potter Cast Hand And 'Wand-Print' Ceremony

'Harry Potter' Fever Never Over: 5 Facts Most Fans May Still Not Know About

Many "Harry Potter" fans have read the books over and over and have seen the movies a hundred times. Still, the wizarding world still has a lot of mysteries and surprises hidden. Here are five of the many facts about the "Harry Potter" books and movies that most fans still don't know about:

Stipula fountain pen

Unleash the Writer in You! 5 Important Tips From Successful Authors

There's a writer in everyone, but not all people know how to discover it. Here are five important tips from successful authors to aspiring writers.

Prime Minister David Cameron Visits Yorkshire

Business Books: 5 Helpful Titles for Every Aspiring Entrepreneur

For every aspring entrepreneur, here are five books that will be helpful in your journey.

Temperatures Rise In Sydney

Serenity in Paper: Top 5 Titles for Encouragement, Inspiration & Self-Help

Life almost always isn't as serene as one would like it to be. For some whose idea of meditation is immersing themselves in a book and those who want to get into a new source of tranquil musings, here are five titles to aid you.

Sir Elton John Testifies Before U. S. Congress to Urge Critical Support in Global Fight Against HIV/AIDS

Venice Mayor Bans LGBT Childrens Book; Elton John Joins Dissent Over Decision

Venice conservative mayor Luigi Brugnaro banned a couple of children's books that feature lesbian and gay parents from preschool libraries.

Mockingjay Part 2

Dystopian Fiction Picks: 5 Post-Apocalyptic Books That Became Young Adult Favorites

Dystopian worlds are usually made up of a frightening community or an undesirable society. However, the genre remains a top favorite among young adults.

Love Is In Summer Air

Fiction Picks 2015: 5 Summer Books That Will Make You Fall in Love

Maybe it's best to fall in love under the sun.

'Orange Is The New Black' New York Premiere

'Pretty in Pink' Star Andrew McCarthy to Debut Young Adult Fiction Novel

Actor Andrew McCarthy will have his first fiction work released in the spring of 2017. The book centers on a 15-year-old girl, Lucy Willows, from New Jersey, who learns that she has a half-brother who is only eight and lives in the same town.

Fangirl Exclusive Collector's Edition

Top Fiction Picks: Young Adult Books to Read Before Summer Is Over

When it comes to books, it's never too late for summer fiction or too early for back-to-school reads. There's still a month to go before the busy school days when there's no time for leisure reading anymore. Here are great fiction books that young adults can enjoy before the summer is over.

Facebook Holds F8 Developers Conference

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Announces 'Genome' by Matt Ridley as 15th Pick for 'A Year of Books'

The 15th book on Mark Zuckerberg's list for his online book club, A Year of Books, is "Genome" by Matt Ridley. It explores how this scientific discovery affects people and future generations.

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