Author Paula Byrne Reveals ‘The Real Jane Austen’ In New Biography

Author Paula Byrne Reveals 'The Real Jane Austen' in New Biography

Author Paula Byrne uses her new biography as a platform to reveal "The Real Jane Austen", stating that small everyday objects made up Austen's life.

Robert Burns’ Long Lost Manuscripts Discovered By Researcher

Robert Burns' Long Lost Manuscripts Discovered By Researcher

A few of Robert Burns' manuscripts that were thought to be long along with letters from his loved ones has been rediscovered by a researcher.

paula broadwell

Before Gen. David Petraeus Scandal Broke, Paula Broadwell Angled For ‘Military Expert’ Job with TV Networks

As more details come to light about Gen. David Petraeus's affair with biographer Paula Broadwell, the story only continues to get weirder.

elizabeth smart

Elizabeth Smart Writing Memoir About Abduction, Her Foundation with Utah Congressman Elect Chris Stewart

Ten years after religious fanatics abducted her while sleeping in her Utah bedroom and held her captive for nine months, Elizabeth Smart is finally ready to tell her story in her own words.


Fact-Checking Steven Spielberg's 'Lincoln' Movie with Biographer Ronald C. White

Steven Spielberg's new historical epic, "Lincoln," is garnering Oscar buzz and throngs of glowing reviews, but just how historically accurate is its depiction of the 16th U.S. president?

paula broadwell

David Petraeus Rehire: Viral Campaign for General Picking Up Steam, Should Obama Take Him Back?

An article written by Slate's Emily Yoffe has gone viral for her view that President Barack Obama should rehire Gen. David Petraeus in the wake of the public revealing of his extramarital affair with biographer Paula Broadwell.

star wars

'Star Wars' Episodes 7, 8, 9 'Most Exciting' in Series, According to George Lucas Biographer

Disney bought Lucas Film Oct. 30 and plans to release at least three new "Star Wars" films. But fear not young padawans, episodes 7, 8, and 9 are "the most exciting," according to George Lucas's biographer.


Rod Stewart Book, 'Rod: The Autobiography' Reveals Golden Rock and Roll Anecdotes

Wake up - I think Rod Stewart's got something to say to you. The aging rocker wants you to know he isn't the man you think he is.

lil wayne

Forget about Presidential Polls, Lil Wayne's Memoir, 'Gone Til November,' Has a Release Date

We've got a more pressing question than who's winning in the presidential polls right now: Will Lil Wayne win next year's National Book Award?

made in alaska

Joe Biden, Paul Ryan Vice Presidential Debate Tonight, Sarah Palin’s Dad and Brother Release Celebrity Memoir ‘Our Sarah: Made in Alaska’

Chuck Heath and Chuck Heath, Jr. - Palin's father and brother, who are, somewhat confusingly not the same person - have written "Our Sarah: Made in Alaska," available now.

mick jagger

'Mick Jagger' Biography by Phillip Norman: 7 Things You Never Knew About the Rolling Stone

Charting Jagger's rise from a poor teacher's son in the English countryside to mega-celebrity, Phillip Norman's new biography, "Mick Jagger," dives deep into the legend's history and comes up with a convincing, candid portrait of the musician.

victim 1

Jerry Sandusky’s ‘Victim 1’ Releasing Damning Tell All Book End of October, Will Reveal Identity Soon

The witness credited with launching an investigation against convicted child molester former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky will release a tell-all book at the end of October the book's publisher announced Sept. 27. "Victim 1," as the man is referred to in court papers, will also soon reveal his identity, and give his first media interview to ABC.

Hope Solo

US Women’s Olympic Soccer: Hope Solo Opens Up About Struggles in New Autobiography

In "SOLO: A Memoir of Hope," due out Tuesday, Hope Solo recounts the scabs, hardships, and triumphs of her storied career


Michele Bachmann: A Books Reading List For Tea Partiers and the Curious

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann launches her campaign for president today as a new Des Moines Register poll puts her in second place among Republicans in Iowa. Twenty-two percent of likely GOP voters support her there, just behind frontrunner Mitt Romney, with 23 percent.

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