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Publishers Object to U.S. Government's Proposed Settlement  in Apple eBook Case

Publishers Object to U.S. Government's Proposed Settlement in Apple eBook Case
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Apple's new operating system will be available for users to download and install on Sept. 19 (tomorrow). This comes just two days before the new iPhone 5 hits stores.

The new iOS 6 has some new features that will give users a better experience. It will also do good for Apple's new iPad Mini, said to release sometime in October.

Here's the top features that many are looking forward to:

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According to Gizmodo, "With the latest iOS 6 beta, Apple quietly introduced the ability to send, receive and sync iMessages between multiple devices, even if its sent to your phone number. Messaging on iOS is now a near seamless experience that allows you to pick up any of your Apple devices (or even Messages on Mountain Lion), and continue a previous conversation in stride."

WiFi and Cellular/FaceTime

According to Gizmodo, you can now keep your cellular data alive if there is no internet available through a WiFi network you may be connected to. "Maybe you're on a network that's set up solely for AirPlay, or maybe you've setup an ad hoc connection with a wi-fi flash drive. Either way, it's nice not to lose mobile data entirely. Also expect this to play nice with AirPlay direct."

Users can now use FaceTime over their cellular network instead of only by WiFi.


The new operating system will not have YouTube or Google Maps. Instead, Apple revealed a new Maps app made completely in-house. According to Gizmodo, it will be complete with data from TomTom. It will also have 3D maps and turn-by-turn navigation.


There will also be a major upgrade for Siri. According to Bostinno, Apple lovers can now get sports game updates, make restaurant reservations, watch movie trailers, launch apps and tweet by voice. Siri is now also available for the iPad.


There will also be Facebook integration. Facebook will integrate with iOS 6 in a similar way Twitter currently integrates with iOS 5. There are also new features. You can now set reminders to call people back, send messages instead of calling, apply a DO NOT DISTURB feature that does not alert you with notifications. iOS 6 Mail VIPs will enable to users to mark certain contacts as important, and in turn, all their messages will be starred.


There will also be updates to iCloud. Notes and reminders will synch up with other mobile devices and Mac PCs but will not support location based reminders, according to Latinos Post. The new lost mode in Find my Phone will enable users to lock any iOS 6 device remotely, ensuring that no one will be able to utilize it while it is lost. The new feature will track the device and email the user updates of any location changes. Lost Mode will also allow users to see locations that the iOS device has visited on a map. iCalender will no longer have Reminders, since they now have their own app.

Photo Stream/Passbook

There will be an update to Photo Stream. Now, iOS 6 makes it easy to share photos with friends and family, as well as share photos with other iOS devices on the same account, according to CNET.

"Now you'll be able to select photos you would like to share, touch the share button, and send them to as many contacts as you want. Apple has also added the ability to 'Like' and comment on shared photos. This iOS 6 feature works on both Wi-Fi and cellular connections," according to CNET.

Passbook allows users to get all their passes in one place, such as boarding passes, tickets, and coupons. It will also give credit card data and customer rewards cards. According to Gizmodo, "either with the use of a QR code or bluetooth, merchants can collect your payment info and send you on your way."

With these 7 new features from the 200 that will available on the new operating system, some are concerned that the new maps will create unhappy Apple customers.

According to TechCrunch, "Maps will be something Apple users aren't used to: a significant backslide in a core element of a product that people have come to understand how to use naturally and without much thought. It's not insignificant - it changes fundamentally the process of getting directions, especially for those who use public transit, and not for the better. Using Yelp for points of interest is good, but still doesn't feel quite up to the level of searching for places in Google Maps."

What do you think? Will the new maps make a difference to you? Sound off below!

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