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Updated: Oct 01, 2012 03:51 PM EDT

iphone 5

The iPhone 5 on display after its introduction during Apple Inc.'s iPhone media event in San Francisco

(Photo : Reuters)

Apple looks like its losing some popularity.

Many users are complaining about various aspects of the new iOS 6 operating software and Apple's new iPhone 5.

One problem is battery drainage for iPhone 4 and 4S users.

According to BGRNews, users of these two iPhones are seeing their batteries drop from 100% fully charged to under 50% in a handful of hours - on standby.

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"Some users have suggested the Maps and Passbook app are the culprits and that turning off location services provides a temporary fix. It's not uncommon for battery issues to pop up when a new iOS update is released. When iOS 5 was released last year, iPhone users who updated from iOS 4 also suffered excessive battery loss. BGR reviewed iOS 6 on an iPhone 4 and didn't notice any substantial drops in battery usage," BGR reported.

Another problem is the App store, which is preventing new purchases from being made.

According to MacRumors, when users attempt to make a purchase or re-download a previous purchase, they are asked to agree to updated Terms & Conditions.

"When they accept, they are then asked to agree to them again and again. As a result, new purchases and downloads from iTunes in the Cloud cannot be made. The issue appears to be affecting all purchases from the App Store and iTunes store on both iOS and the Mac, as well as the Mac App Store and iTunes Match. It's also affecting the viewing of purchased items on the Apple TV," MacRumors reported.

EasternMorningHerald reported problems when entering iTunes Password.

Some iPhone 5 users reported that they have seen static lines form on the device's touchscreen keyboard whenever they enter their iTunes or App Store password. The lines would appear when they actually type in the password, but it doesn't appear when tying a text message or other actions with the keyboard.

There is good news for this problem though. Tapscape reported that "the software problems like this are usually quite fixable with patches."

Another problem seems to be WiFi connectivity.

According to Mobilemag, some users are complaining that WiFi seems to work but they cant get it to connect to a network.

"Many times, the fix is to simply 'reset network settings.' Unfortunately, this isn't doing the job. As of now, Apple's forum has a page on this that is 94 pages long so it is clearly an issue for some."

A recent glitch seems to be with iCloud.

According to CNET, a glitch as resulted in some accounts showing extended storage space with renewal dates years in the future.

Apple reduced the base level of online storage for iCloud to 5GB. Apple offered existing MobileMe customers a temporary extra 20GB of storage to accommodate user data during the transition to the new service. Apple originally offered this extra storage for a month, but increased this timeframe to Sept.30 and has been notifying users of this upcoming change.

"On September 30, Apple did make a change to users' iCloud accounts; however, to users' surprise, instead of a lowered storage level, their iCloud accounts kept the same 25GB of space and furthermore showed the expiration for the storage had been pushed back to 2050," CNET reported.

Other problems include Apple maps, which many users are complaining about.

Apple took away Google Maps, and replaced it with a Maps app made completely in-house. The new operating system also doesn't include YouTube.

Some are complaining about scratches and scuffs on the back case of the iPhone 5.

Many users report that the most easily damaged area appears to be on the chamfered edges of the device, wearing away the anodized surface and creating a "shiny" look, as the uncoated metal peeks out from underneath the undamaged surface, according to AllThingsD.

Other problems also include limited Passbook usage and redesigned App Store that makes discovering apps even more difficult that before.

Have you had any iPhone 5 problems? Sound off below!

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