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walking dead

The first two seasons of “The Walking Dead” series have been hugely successful, but season three has shattered everyone's expectations for the show, ratings and otherwise.
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Like a walker chasing its last meal, season three of AMC's hit horror series "The Walking Dead" refuses to let up. The show's first four episodes set a neck-breaking pace. And if recently released clips, and interviews with the cast and creator Robert Kirkman are any indication, episode five will pack just as much shock and awe.

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Season three already had our skin crawling from Hershel's amputation, and a zombie body count that only continues to climb every episode, and episode four, "Walk With Me," continued to build on that momentum leading to some truly grievous atrocity.

We lost two major characters in episode four, both Lori and T-Dog, but Lori's death from giving birth defined its most gut-wrenching moments.

Speaking to AMC, Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) revealed how she kept the lid on her character's departure prior to episode four airing.

"Most of what I told people was true, which was that this season has such a big cast that it takes place in two locations - and every character has time off. But I was also deliberately misleading people..." said Callies to AMC.

She added, "There have been a lot of questions that I've had to answer really creatively. I'm really relieved that I can stop doing that now."

Callies's exit from the show was an emotional experience, admits the actress. But, the cast sent her off in style.

"We started having death dinners for everyone who got killed off the show beginning in Season 1. After some one's last episode, all the actors would go out to dinner together and raise a glass to them. Those dinners became a big tradition. We're a bigger cast so we have to be a bit more private."

With Rick not seeming like the best candidate for Father of the Year at the moment, Lori's death sets up an intriguing prospect for the remainder for the season. Rick is clearly unraveling in the wake of his wife's death; where is he headed next?

"Coming out of this, I think there's some really interesting things coming up for Rick," Said Kirkman to Entertainment Weekly.

"You saw him in sheer agony at the end of this episode. This is something that's going to affect him for a good long while. I like to say that this is absolutely the worst thing that could possibly happen to him on the eve of what looks like a coming conflict [with] the Governor and Woodbury. So I think he's in the absolute worst head space he could be for the things that are coming up," he added.

Based off the monthly black-and-white comic book series written by creator Kirkman, "The Walking Dead" follows a gang of lost souls just trying to survive day-to-day life in a post-apocalyptic U.S. overrun with the living dead. The show is striking its own path at this point, deviating at free will from the narrative in the comics, but still includes a fair amount of detail from the source material.

Kirkman hinted that episode five may pack a surprising punch for fans of the comics, and introduce viewers to The Governor's daughter in an opening scene that could leave the audience dumbfounded.

"I don't want to reveal too much," Kirkman said. "But I will say that the opening scene of Episode 5 is, uh...It's going to be a pretty memorable one. So be on the look out for that."

The first two seasons of "The Walking Dead" series have been hugely successful; the season two premiere broke cable ratings records in the 18-49 demographic. But season three has shattered everyone's expectations for the show, ratings and otherwise.

The premiere episode for the third season broke ratings records for the network with nearly 11 million viewers. With DISH Network now once again carrying AMC, there are 14 million more users who can now watch "The Walking Dead."

Episode five of season three, "Say the Word," airs Sunday Nov. 11 at 9/8c on AMC.

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