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Updated: Nov 21, 2012 12:56 PM EST

Edward and Bella

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in "Breaking Dawn Part 2"
(Photo : Summit Entertainment)

"Breaking Dawn Part 2" is breaking hearts as Twi-hards say goodbye to the franchise. However, there is still some explaining to do about that surprise ending and the long list of credits to all the cast since the first "Twilight" film.

"Stephenie [Meyer] and I were up in Vancouver at a steak house - I remember very, very clearly," writer Melissa Rosenberg told MTV News. "She was still trying to decide if she wanted 'Breaking Dawn' to be a film because she was very concerned [about] how do you do that ending? In the book, the ending is very much a very tense confrontation, but it's resolved in the conversation, and of course, for a film that is a very challenging place to be. So both of us were trying to figure out how do we make that cinematic? It's just that back and forth, and the idea hits - wait a second, it's all happening in Alice's mind. It's actually referred to in the book, we just don't see it in the book. So the beauty of film, you get to see it."

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"For me, it was, who is the most shocking and whom - not whom do you love the most, but to me it's who gets the most bang for your buck?" Rosenberg recalled. "If you kill Carlisle, that's a lot of bang as opposed to someone you just met in this movie. I kind of tossed it around for a bit."

That's exactly what happened. [SPOILER] In Alice's vision, both beloved members of the Cullen clan, Jasper and Carlisle (played by Jackson Rathbone and Peter Facanelli) die in the fighting scene. Watching the movie though, you would think that it was actually happening as a part of the film, not a part of Alica's vision.

"We went back and forth," Condon said. "I spent three months [pre-visualizing] this before we shot anything. There were times where other people were dying ... Choosing which Cullen - it was maybe the sweetest of them [that] were the ones that bit the dust because it had the most emotional impact."

What about the rolling credits at the beginning and ending of the movie?

"That is stuff we filmed as we were shooting and then [added] mostly in edit," Condon told MTV News of Bella's "Edward flashbacks." "The decision to use Christina Perri's song ['A Thousand Years'], I had temped the movie with that, and so I asked her if we could use it," he explained. "She wrote a new version, and it's perfect for the first image of Rob coming through that door [when he meets Bella]."

"I always wanted to do this tribute to the actors at the end as a way to extend this feeling of saying goodbye and the sense of connecting it to where it came from," he said. "Where it started with the book and also putting it in to the history books."

We are sure fans appreciate the sentiment.

"Breaking Dawn Part 2" is now in theaters. What do you think of the epic finale? Sound off below!

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