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Bella looking at her new vampire features.
(Photo : Summit Entertainment)

After an impressive debut last week that found "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" take home the eighth largest opening weekend ticket sales ever, the fourth and final "Twilight" film looks poised to take over the world.

The film made $141 million total from its first weekend released domestically, but according to box office analysts, the real story is the response "Part 2" is receiving overseas.

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According to Box Office Mojo, foreign ticket sales for "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" have added nearly $200 million to its box office total, which currently sits at $362.5 million. That's the number people should focus on,'s Phil Contrino told MTV News.

" 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' 's domestic performance isn't nearly as interesting as what it's doing globally," Contrino wrote in an email to MTV News. "If 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' tops 'Part 1' 's worldwide total - and it's on pace to do just that - it won't be because it performed a whole lot better domestically. It'll be because moviegoers overseas are still very excited by the franchise."

If the film continues to perform at this pace internationally, "Part - 2" should have no problem surpassing the saga's current record-holder for worldwide total sales, "Breaking Dawn - Part 1." The first installment of the finale finished up with $712.2 million.

Analysts believe "Part 2" will sink its teeth even deeper into the domestic box office Thanksgiving weekend. The film has earned $62.6 million from the holiday so far, according to, and is expected to help create the biggest-ever five-day Thanksgiving movie going weekend, with a potential $275 million total netted at the box office, which would smash 2009′s record of $258.6 million.

"Breaking Dawn - Part 2" may not have set a franchise record with its opening weekend ticket sales, but the cult of Twi-hards is clearly still very strong. The phenomenon of "Twilight" - from Stephanie Meyer's novels, to their film counterparts - has evolved into one of the most profitable franchises in modern pop culture. According to Box Office Mojo, the first "Twilight" in 2008 took in $69.6 million its opening weekend and went on to earn $192.8 million overall.

"Part 2" picks up immediately where the previous film left off, with heroine Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) experiencing her first moments as a newly transformed vampire. While her husband, Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), reintroduces her to his coven, Bella also reunites with her werewolf pal Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) and meets the half-human/half-vampire daughter, Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy), she carried and birthed as a human.

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