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Updated: Nov 28, 2012 11:02 AM EST

loving the band

"Loving the Band" is a One Direction fan-fiction.
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Fan Fiction is becoming the starting point for rising authors as another writer pinned a book deal for her fantasy fiction of the boy band One Direction.

Published by Penguin on Nov. 8, "Loving the Band" by Emily Baker is "a boy-band novel for romance and pop-loving readers."

Available through Amazon Kindle edition, the e-book is described:

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For all the millions of fans across the globe of One Direction, The Wanted, JLS, Justin Bieber... and in fact anyone who's ever had a pop-idol crush!

What happens when you meet the boy band of every girl's dream . . . and not one but two of them fall for you?

Two of the world's most popular boys.

One gorgeous girl . . .

When Jess and her best friend Tegan meet The Only Truth, the hottest boy band in the world, she's not too fussed - she's heard of them but she's too busy getting over a recent break-up to get caught up in the hysteria that's taking over London.

So when the boys need to hide from the paparazzi, the girls are happy to help. But Jess goes from indifference to infatuation when she starts getting close to two of the boys. One is friendly and flirty, the other is brooding and serious - and soon Jess has to make the biggest decision of her life. Jess may not have been a fan to begin with. She certainly is now.

Baker is a 16-year-old One Direction fan from the U.K. She wrote a fan-fiction novel on the youth writers' community site that got picked up by Penguin, who was looking for a writer to pen a romantic YA novel that "tapped into the current obsession with boy bands," according to Entertainment Weekly.

"I just wrote it whenever I could, at night or at the weekend. I was cooped up in my room for a few weeks - but it was well worth it," Baker said, according to The Independent. "I am a big One Direction fan. I tried to get tickets for their gig for next year, but they are sold out."

"I was just writing it for the fun of it really. I couldn't believe it when I got the offer. I thought someone was joking!"

Lindsey Heaven, Senior Fiction Editor at Razorbill Books, a division of Penguin Group, said, "We are delighted to be publishing Loving the Band. Emily's novel completely taps into today's pop culture. Her love of a certain boy band is heartfelt and her passion feeds into every bit of her writing."


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