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Updated: Aug 08, 2012 12:13 PM EDT

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are back in business for Bella and Edward.
(Photo : Reuters)

There seems to be some hope for Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

According to Hollywood Life, a close friend of Pattinson recently spoke with US Weekly, revealing that the "Breaking Dawn Part 2" star has no hope of resisting Stewart no matter how badly she broke his heart by cheating on him.

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"He's putty in her hands," Pattinson's friend told the magazine. "Once they're on [the Breaking Dawn Part 2] press tour, it will be hard for him to resist getting back together with her."

The story broke out about the shocking affair on July 24 when US Weekly printed photographs of Stewart and "Snow White and the Huntsman" director Rupert Sanders canoodling on July 17.

With no official reports as to where Pattinson was staying since the cheating scandal, reports said that the 26-year-old was spotted partying at a bar in Ojai, Calif. last weekend with a rowdy group of friends.

The New York Daily News reported:

"Robert Pattinson and his friends are at The Deer Lodge getting wasted," Twitter user Julie Demdam wrote late on Saturday night.

"Rob is with some panty droppers," she added. "They're on the dance floor dancing like crazy."

Meanwhile, Stewart is described is "inconsolable" after she publicly apologized to Pattinson, issuing a statement admitting to the affair.

According to, Stewart, 22, is currently staying with former producer Giovanni Agnelli.

He has offered the "Twilight" actress the run of his home, in the trendy Sunset Plaza area, until she feels able to head out and face the public again under the harsh glare of her cheating scandal.

"Kristen is acting like a heartbroken teenager," a source told exclusively. "She is crying her eyes out non-stop and does not want to communicate with anyone.

"She is beyond mortified and humiliated and she is also broken hearted," the source said. "She says she truly loved Rob. She says he was her soul mate, but she blew it and now she is scared that she has lost him forever.

"She is pretty much inconsolable."

"Kristen hasn't showered or changed or washed her hair in several days," the insider revealed. "She is laying around in her T-shirt and shorts and eating ice cream. She really wants to believe that she can win back Rob, but I think deep down she knows that isn't the case."

Agnelli, who produced Stewart's 2010 movie, "Welcome to the Rileys," has been tweeting support of his friend, insisting she never had sex with Sanders. "There was no on set affair," he wrote last week.

Pattinson is reportedly not happy about the recent arrangement. reported that the "Edward" actor is angry and suspicious of Agnelli's motive.

"Rob knows Agnelli and has been calling him a lot since Kristen has been there," an insider told exclusively last week. 

"He wants to know why Kristen is staying there at his house. He is super angry now and has accused Giovanni of sleeping with Kristen too."

The source added, "Giovanni got a call from Pattinson around four this morning, threatening him if he has been sleeping with Kristen."

"Rob is beside himself over Kristen's betrayal. No one has ever seen him like this."

Can the two reconcile before "Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2" promotion duties come up? It is in their contract that they have to promote the highly anticipated movie together, whether they like it or not.

Life is still moving ahead for the two.

Pattinson will make his first public appearance since the cheating scandal on "The Daily Show" on Aug. 13.

Stewart, meanwhile, is in talks for a role in the lead role in an indie adaption of William Styron's 1951 novel, "Lie Down in the Darkness," directed by Scott Cooper.

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