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Updated: Aug 30, 2012 11:24 AM EDT


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With stars announcing their wishes to be cast in the movie adaptation of "Fifty Shades of Grey" almost daily now, and as the speculation grows wilder and wilder, we can't help but continue to wonder: Who will play Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey? It's like erotic fantasy football, or something.

We've heard all the casting rumors, from Ian Somerhalder and Max Greenfield, to Emilia Clarke and Emma Watson. As the search for the perfect Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele continues, devotees of E.L. James' hugely popular novel continue to produce "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie trailers and teasers. Now, we have a trailer starring Matt Bomer and Alexis Bledel -- one of the most intriguing pairings in our eyes -- as the BDSM- inclined couple Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.

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The trailer also stars Blake Lively, former brat-packer Andrew McCarthy, and, Academy Award winner Matt Damon. Uh ... of course?

Bomer's inclusion in the list of possible candidates for the coveted Christian Grey role has caused a firestorm of controversy which will, no doubt, reappear if he is ultimately chosen for the part. And why? Bomer is gay, and some people, including celebrated author Brett Easton Ellis -- whose name was once bandied about as the prospective film's screenwriter - for some reason consider that a deal-breaker. Ellis posited that Bomer's real-life sexual identity would "complicate" his performance as the dominant chick magnet, Christian Grey.

Ellis' reservations notwithstanding, both Bomer and Bledel seem to do well enough in the trailer. Bomer is conventionally handsome, and Bledel certainly looks the part of a demure virgin who's so enamored with a man she's just met that she signs a contract agreeing to become his masochistic sex slave.

Nevertheless, the trailer, although well made, raises several unanswered questions. Why, for example, does the speaker at Anastasia's college graduation look like a slimmer, slightly younger version of George W. Bush? Why does Andrew McCarthy look so angry each time he appears on camera? And, most important of all, why does Matt Damon look like he wishes he was somewhere else? Well, probably because he does.

As for the tagline about how "love happens when you least expect it," we'll just have to wait and see on that one.

Of course, this doesn't give any more weight to Bledel and Bomer's chances of being cast in the film, all the actors mentioned so far are purely "wish list" material for fans.

Author James took to Twitter recently to address all the casting rumors on who will play the lead parts of Christian and Anastasia.

"I am not making any comments on casting the movie. No one is ruled out or in yet - far too early," she tweeted.

The screenwriters have been narrowed down to four, but a director has not been picked yet.

"Cosmopolis" director David Cronenberg recently said that if Focus came to him with a script, he would read it.

You can watch the new Fifty Shades of Grey trailer on the video below. Let us know what you think. Enjoy.

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