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Updated: Sep 10, 2012 02:49 PM EDT

Edward and Bella

Edward and Bella in "Breaking Dawn Part 2:' Pattinson and Stewart seem to be back together, on-screen and off.
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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart fans don't know what to believe because of numerous conflicting reports in the media.

Ever since Stewart cheated on Pattinson with "Snow White and the Huntsman" director Rupert Sanders in July, countless reports have been made about how each party feels and what's been going on with the estranged couple.

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The latest conflicting report is that the "Twilight" stars will meet face-to-face. The report surfaced around the end of August.

According to the Daily Mail, after a few weeks of heartache on both sides, it has emerged that the "Twilight" stars will meet up after having spoken on the phone for over an hour.

"Although Rob, 26, has bounced back from the deceit remarkably well and has smartened up his act in the wake of the scandal, he may forgive the woman who broke his heart," the Daily Mail wrote.

Daily Mail reported that the vampire couple spoke for about an hour and during the call an emotional Stewart begged Pattinson to take her back and pleaded with him trust her again.

According to a close friend, he feels sorry for herand is ready to speak to her face to face about everything that has happened.

The friend told Look magazine, "She begged to meet face to face so they could talk. It was obvious Kristen was getting through to Rob and he has agreed to see her."

Now, new reports say that Pattinson and Stewart are NOT talking, and that the "Cosmopolis" actor is still changing his phone numbers to avoid Stewart.

According to BelfastTelegraph, Pattinson has reportedly started an "investigation" to discover how Stewart keeps getting his phone number.

There have been reports the pair have been talking on the phone, but it's now been claimed they were untrue. Pattinson is said to have changed his number four times and is becoming increasingly angry that the "Bella" actress is still managing to get his number.

"Rob's actually launched an investigation of his close friends, business associates - even his family - to find out who is leaking his numbers to Kristen," an insider told National Enquirer. "It's only 20 close confidents and one of them is betraying him."

The actor is apparently prepared to take drastic steps to ensure his ex-girlfriend can no longer contact him.

"He's steaming mad and swears that when he finds the culprit, he'll cut that person out of his life," the source said.

So, are the two going to meet up, or even talking on the phone, or is this just rumors?

Twi-hards can only hope that the meet-up is true that they will finally have their Robsten back.

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