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Updated: Nov 28, 2012 11:31 AM EST

the last man

"The Last Man" by Vince Flynn
(Photo : Barnes & Nobles)

Author Vince Flynn brings back CIA agent Mitch Rapp in his next novel "The Last Man."

Published by Atria/Emily Bestler Books on Nov. 13, "The Last Man" is the thirteenth book in the Mitch Rapp series. It tops the New York Times Combined Print & E-Book Fiction Bestseller list, as well as the Hardcore Fiction list. It also tops Publishers Weekly Bestseller list. E.L. James' popular "Fifty Shades of Grey" novel is no longer dominating.

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The 433-page fiction novel is described:

An invaluable CIA asset has gone missing, and with him, secrets that in the wrong hands could prove disastrous. The only question is: Can Mitch Rapp find him first? 

Joe Rickman, head of CIA clandestine operations in Afghanistan, has been kidnapped and his four bodyguards executed in cold blood. But Mitch Rapp's experience and nose for the truth make him wonder if something even more sinister isn't afoot. Irene Kennedy, director of the CIA, has dispatched him to Afghanistan to find Rickman at all costs. 

Rapp, however, isn't the only one looking for Rickman. The FBI is too, and it quickly becomes apparent that they're less concerned with finding Rickman than placing the blame on Rapp.

With CIA operations in crisis, Rapp must be as ruthless and deceitful as his enemies if he has any hope of finding Rickman and completing his mission. But with elements within his own government working against both him and American interests, will Rapp be stopped dead before he can succeed?

Flynn's novel has gotten rave reviews:

Too driven to be stressed out, Mitch Rapp is now on the trail of the terrorists who kidnapped a top CIA spymaster who oversaw all the agency's clandestine operations in Afghanistan. A pulse-pounding installment to a thriller favorite series. - Barnes & Noble

Joe Rickman's bodyguards are dead, and Rickman himself is missing. Bad news, because Rickman ran clandestine operations in Afghanistan for eight years. Mitch Rapp is told to find Rick or else, and here's the snag: he doesn't think the guy was kidnapped. Another No. 1 New York Times best seller from Flynn? - Library Journal

Flynn is a master-maybe the master-of thrillers in which the pages seem to turn themselves. - Book Reporter

The book has mainly gotten four and five stars from B&N customer reviews and GoodReads community reviews.

You can buy "The Last Man" on Amazon for $15.99.

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