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The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2

Top 5 Sci-Fi Film Adaptations Coming This Fall

Most of sci-fi films this season are film adaptation of famous books.

Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Maas book cover

'Queen of Shadows' Book Review: What to Expect in New 'Throne of Glass' Novel by Sarah J. Maas

Celaena Sardothie is back but this time, the infamous assassin is ready to face the truth about her identity and is ready to go by her real name Aelin Ashryver Galathynius and take on her responsibility as Queen of Terrasen all in the name of vengeance.

Landmarks In the Historic Southern Italian City Of Naples

Elena Ferrante Book Review: 'The Story of the Lost Child' Marks End of 'Neapolitan' Tetralogy

Elena Ferrante wraps up her celebrated "Neapolitan" tetralogy with "The Story of the Lost Child" and she did it with all the enchanting and exciting elements that made fans out of readers curious of Elena and Lila's life in the first place.

2012 Film Independent Spirit Awards - Red Carpet

JD Salinger Biopic 'Rebel in the Rye' in the Works! Nicholas Hoult Chosen to Play 'Catcher in the Rye' Author

"Warm Bodies" lead star Nicholas Hoult was chosen to play the role of celebrated author JD Salinger in "Rebel in the Rye," a biopic that chronicles the events in the life of the novelist from New York that led to the conception of the iconic and controversial coming-of-age story "Catcher in the Rye" published in 1951.

Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie's 'And Then There Were None' Hailed in Global Poll as Author's Top Novel

Back in April, Agatha Christie Ltd, the estate of the mystery crime novelist, strived to find out which of the iconic author's works is the world's most wanted. The results are in and the first past the post is "And Then There Were None."


September 2015 Book to Movie: Top 5 Titles Becoming Films This Month

Start the month right with some good titles and a few movie retellings. September is bound to treat readers and moviegoers alike with hilarity, action, drama and mystery with a slew of books hitting the big screen.

The Girl in the Spider's Web book cover

'Millenium' Sequel 'The Girl in the Spider's Web' by Author David Lagercrantz Stirs Controversy

"The Girl in the Spider's Web," the fourth volume in the widely held "Millennium" book series by Stieg Larsson, opened to a warm and glowing welcome. But it did not escape criticism and controversy that's particularly towards the Swedish author, David Lagercrantz who continued for the late author the story of everybody's favorite hacker.

Williams-Sonoma And Kris Jenner Get Cooking At Grand Opening Of Store At The Commons At Calabasas

Kris Jenner Book News: 'KUWTK' Momager Signs Copies of 'In the Kitchen With Kris' at Williams-Sonoma Reopening

Kris Jenner autographed copies of her book "In the Kitchen with Kris: A Kollection of Kardashian-Jenner Family Favorites" during the reopening of the Williams-Sonoma store at The Commons.

Variety's Power Of Women New York Presented By Lifetime - Roaming

Lena Dunham to Launch Own Newsletter 'Lenny'! 'Girls' Star Publishes Short Story Preview

Lena Dunham is set to release a newsletter called Lenny with "Girls" executive producer Jenni Konner. As a special preview to the new circular's first volume, the multi-talented star penned a short story titled "Six Sausage," a tale of a New York native introducing her dearly loved city to her kind-of boyfriend.

Amazon Red Carpet Premiere Screening For Brand-New Dark Comedy, 'Transparent'

Carrie Brownstein 'Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl' Star-Studded Book Tour Includes Amy Poehler, Questlove & More

"Portlandia" star Carrie Brownstein is going on a month-long book tour for her upcoming memoir "Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl." But this isn't just any book tour. The musician-writer has invited a flurry of stars to join her at her every stop.

Former President Jimmy Carter Holds News Conference On His Cancer Diagnosis

Jimmy Carter Biographies Now in the Works! Get to Know the Former US President More

Jimmy Carter, the 39th president of the United States, is the subject of two biographies currently in the works. According to New York Times, Pulitzer Prize winner Kai Bird, whose core expertise is on writing political profiles, has inked a deal with Crown Publishing Book to write the former president's biography. The second Jimmy Carter biography will come from Jonathan Alter.

Hoarder Home In California

Reading Addiction? 5 Signs That Scream Your Love for Books

Reading can be an addiction and there are lots of ways to know if books have become your obsession. Spending hours checking out titles and sometimes smelling the pages is just one. Another is your adamant stance to put reading first before social activities. Being member of multiple book clubs too.

The Television Academy Of Arts And Sciences' Presents An Evening With 'Games Of Thrones'

'Game of Thrones' Book 6 'Winds of Winter' Release Date: Biggest Spoiler Theories to Watch Out For [Rumors]

With "Winds of Winter" still not finished, fans have no book to latch on when it comes to figuring out what's next for the people of Westeros and beyond. This is why a lot of theories about the certain mysteries in the books are in the wild.

Mind Meld DVD Signing

'Star Trek' Legend Leonard Nimoy to Be Remembered in William Shatner's Tribute Book

Leonard Nimoy's death broke the hearts of millions and his friends and fans' undying devotion lead them to pay tribute to the "Star Trek" legend in any way they can. For his co-star William Shatner, immortalizing Nimoy's legacy in a book will be the ultimate homage.

2015 Sundance Film Festival Portraits - Day 2

'Z For Zachariah' Movie Review: How Robert C. O'Brien's Book Differs From the Film Adaptation

"Z for Zachariah" recently made its way into the big screen. But it wasn't as loyal to its source material written by Robert C. O'Brien back in 1974. While the post-apocalyptic thriller film had nods to certain elements in the book, the differences certainly dominate.

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