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Cheer Up Books: 5 Titles to Put You in a Good Mood

There are times that everything is just wrong and the day is a wreck. There are moments that you're out of sorts or perhaps the day is too dreary. During these stretches, there isn't any more fitting companion than a book, one that reminds you that something out there is worth smiling about and that not everything is a smashup.

President And Mrs. Obama Host Easter Egg Roll On White House Lawn

'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' Movie Plot & Cast: JK Rowling Reveals New Film Details! [Spoilers]

More and more details about the much-awaited Harry Potter spinoff "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" continue to spill, with the latest one coming from JK Rowling herself. In one of her Twitter sessions, she managed to drop a morsel of info.

Variety Presents The 2015 PURPOSE: The Family Entertainment & Faith-Based Summit

James Bond 'Trigger Mortis' Audiobook: David Oyelowo Tapped to Play 007

David Oyelowo was tapped to play the role of James Bond. Not in the big screen though, but in an audiobook. In an interview with The Guardian, the award-winning actor revealed he was "very honoured" in having received such legendary role.

Disney Acquires Marvel Comics For $4 Billion

Marvel Comic Books Dominate July 2015 Sales! DC Takes One Spot at Top 10 Titles

In July, the Marvel Universe dominated the list of top 100 comic books released by Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc.

President Obama Commemorates 50th Anniversary Of Voting Rights Act

Barack Obama's Book List: What's the President Reading this Summer?

The Obama family is going for a two-week vacation in Martha's Vineyard. Here are the books that the president packed for the summer trip.

Hulu 2015 Summer TCA Presentation

Memoir Picks: 5 Personal Stories Hitting Shelves this Fall

The fall season is perfect for staying indoors at the comfort of your couch and blankets while reading a nice book. Here is a list of memoirs that will be ideal for this season.

Frankfurt Book Fair 2013

Genderless Books: Titles, Reader Benefits & How they Make a Difference

There are not too many gender-neutral books out there and although there are authors who want to release such types of books, Bustle says it's quite difficult. The publication reasons that the English language's landscape points a different word to use to pertain to a female and another for a male.

TS Eliot

TS Eliot's 'The Contemporary Novel' Essay Slams DH Lawrence & Aldous Huxley

It was only a couple of days ago when TS Eliot's "The Contemporary Novel," a never-been-published short on literary criticism, was released by The Times Literary Supplement. Now, Flavorwire is reporting that another piece, which the essayist entrusted to his mother, has made its way from the treasure box.

Google To Digitize Books From Prominent Libraries

World's Oldest Multi-Color Print Book Digitalized! Librarians Never Touched Print Version

The world can now gawk at the oldest multi-color book, unfortunately not in the flesh. A digitized copy of the "Manual of Calligraphy and Painting," which is almost 400 years old was published Cambridge University Library.

Frankfurt Book Fair 2014

Harumi Murakami's Eight-Volume Book is All About Answers to Fan Queries

Renowned Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami's finest motivational and life-altering words are now compiled in one single tome for the convenience of his fans seeking advice on cats, broken hearts, jazz and everything in between.

Investitures at Buckingham Palace

Judith Kerr to Release First Novel in Nearly Four Decades! What is it About?

After 37 long years, Judith Kerr has a big surprise for her fans. The celebrated 92-year-old writer and illustrator, known for her time-withstanding children's book classics such as "The Tiger Who Came to Tea" and "Mog, the Forgetful Cat," is back with a new one.

Social Media Site Twitter Debuts On The New York Stock Exchange

Skip the Long Read: Can You Finish a Book in One Tweet?

Too busy to get off Twitter but want to read a book at the same time? University College London English professor, John Sutherland, understands your pain, and so, with 140 words, the emeritus instructor tells the stories within the limit of a quick tweet allows.

Mark Zuckerberg attendes Mobile World Congress 2015

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg 'A Year of Books' Club 16th Pick: 'The Varieties of Religious Experience' by William James

Mark Zuckerberg has chosen the 16th title to add to his "A Year of Books" Club — "The Varieties of Religious Experience" by William James. As usual, the social media magnate explained on a Facebook post why he chose the book.

Transport In Madrid Ahead Of General Strike

Young Adult Fiction Picks: 5 Titles You Probably Haven't Heard of Yet

Step aside, Harry and Katniss. There are new heroes in town. While the subject of YA reads always make one think of their stories, there a lot out there to check out too. To get you started, here are five titles to pick up.

2011 Winter TCA Tour - Day 3

'A Song of Ice and Fire' Finale Details Spilled by George RR Martin! Here's What to Expect

George RR Martin recently sat down with New York Observer to discuss how the most talked about epic will come to an end. Surprisingly, it won't be a "horrible apocalypse" like how many pictured it.

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