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Sixth Harry Potter Book To Be Published In July

Not Over with Harry Potter: 5 Magical Books to Devour After JK Rowling's Series

While you reread and relive the moment the boy who lived was told he was a wizard to becoming the greatest one there is, try not to decide against exploring other magical worlds that, to your surprise, actually abound and await to be explored.

Dante's Vision

'Dante's Inferno' Movie Coming Soon! Warner Bros. Buys Pitch from Dwain Worrell

Deadline has word that Warner Bros. is working on a film adaptation of "Dante's Inferno," the first part of the 14th century poem "Divine Comedy" by Dante Alighieri, chronicling Dante's journey through hell in the name of love. The movie giant purchased the pitch from screenwriter Dwain Worrell.

Jane Austen

Jane Austen Romantic Comedy Film Now in the Works! Here's What to Expect

Jane Austen's life will be the subject of a new romantic comedy film. The upcoming film will be based on Carolyn Murray's book titled "Jane by the Sea," a fictional tale depicting the "Pride and Prejudice" author's head-in-the-clouds summer getaway.


HarperCollins Writing Community Authonomy to Shut Down in September

Authonomy, an online community for writers launched by HarperCollins in 2008, will officially be shut down by the end of September. Writers, who have claimed to have gotten book deals and careers with the help of the site, lament the saddening news.

Temperatures Rise In Sydney

Serenity in Paper: Top 5 Titles for Encouragement, Inspiration & Self-Help

Life almost always isn't as serene as one would like it to be. For some whose idea of meditation is immersing themselves in a book and those who want to get into a new source of tranquil musings, here are five titles to aid you.

Planet Mars Makes A Close Approach To Earth

'How We'll Live on Mars' Preview & Purchase: Stephen Petranek Says Potential is 'Enormous'

While humankind living in planet Mars is no more than a science fiction book for some, award-winning science journalist, Stephen Petranek, thinks that in 20 years, it will all be real. In his new book, "How We'll Live on Mars," Petranek elaborated this possibility.

McDonald's Japan Forecast Wider Loss

McDonald's Offering Books Instead of Toys for Happy Meals! Here's Why Australian Parents aren't Pleased

The fast-food giant, McDonald's, has a new promotion that allows youngsters to get books instead of toys along with a Happy Meal. However, this new gimmick has incensed an Australian health advocacy group, claiming how unhealthy it will be for children to engage in reading using such crusade.

Frankfurt Book Fair 2012

New York Times Bestseller Lists Change Put YA Books on Spotlight! Get the Details Here

In the name of wider discoverability of books, New York Times is separating middle-grade books from young adult ones starting tomorrow, August 21. Thanks to this change, paperbacks should belong to an entirely different list, so do the hardcover ones.

Siege Of Gibraltar

'Don Quixote' Modern Version Slammed by Academics, Preferred by Readers

A modern rewrite of Miguel de Cervantes' classic novel "Don Quixote" is a big hit in Spain right now, but some academics think Andres Trapiello's edition of the celebrated time is "crime against literature."

Author James Patterson And NBA Legend Grant Hill Visit The SiriusXM Studios For 'SiriusXM's Town Hall With James Patterson And Special Guest Grant Hill'

Fresh Off the Shelf: 5 Newly-Published Fiction Titles to Check Out Now

Those who haven't had time to flick through a nice book and have been wanting to catch up with work or school taking most of their time and energy, there are the page-turners from recent memory that will facilitate.

HBO Luxury Lounge Featuring Motorola And PANDORA Jewelry In Honor Of The 65th Primetime Emmy Awards - Day 1

'Game of Thrones' Book 6 'The Winds of Winter' Release Date & Spoilers: More Sequels Underway?

Fans still await for "Winds of Winter," the sixth volume in George RR Martin's bestselling series "A Song of Ice and Fire." And although a release date for the highly-anticipated book is not set yet, Yibada is reporting that there will be more sequels to come.

Gullivers Travels

Jonathan Swift Classic: 'Gulliver's Travels' Mystery Words Found to Be Hebrew, Says Scientist

"Gulliver's Travels" was published back in 1726. It tells the story of Gulliver who traveled far and wide during his adventures. In one, he finds himself in the island of Lilliput, where he was captured by a race of six-inch tall people who spoke a language he wasn't at all familiar with.

The Amazing World of Gumball

Cartoon Network Hit 'Amazing World of Gumball' Gets Graphic Novel Treatment

There is another way to follow the adventures of trouble magnets Gumball and Darwin in "The Amazing World of Gumball" and that is through the pages of an upcoming graphic novel.

Childcare and Education To Be Key Election Issue

Hate Reading? Here are 5 Books that Will Change Your Mind

Non-readers have their own reasons they hate to engage in the activity. It may be because books give them terrible headaches or absolute boredom. Although others believe that reading isn't for everyone, these five titles will bring someone who hates reading to open a paperback.

Frankfurt Book Fair 2012

Banned Book List: 5 Titles Providing Bliss to Every Rebel Reader

Even the quiet and timid book lovers have their rebellious sides, especially when authorities try to forbid freedom in literature by banning certain books.

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