Barack Obama

US President Barack Obama goes shopping during Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday 2015: Here Where The Obamas Visited

President Barack Obama took his two daughters Malia and Sasha to a local independent bookstore for Small Business Saturday 2015.

Turkey Hosts The G20 World Leader's Summit

Law Professor's Book 'Lawless' Points Flaws of the Obama Administration

David Bernstein's book is released in Nov. 17 with a scathing analysis of the Obama administration's adherence to rule of law.

Stephen King Promotes 'Under The Dome' At Wal-Mart

President Obama to Award 'It' Author Stephen King With National Medal of Arts

The master of horror Stephen King will be awarded the National Medal of Arts tomorrow. US president Barack Obama himself will personally bestow the prestigious accolade to the acclaimed author of the most notable and celebrated horror fiction titles the likes of "It" and "Carrie" in the White House.

Barack Obama Signs Copies Of His New Book

Politics Book Corner: Timeless Reading Picks for Politicians & Politics Lovers

The knowledge and wisdom embedded in politics books transcends time.

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